Mission Statement

The Stokes Child Development Center's mission is to help each child develop a positive self-image and age appropriate motor, social and language skills; to enhance the child’s spiritual, physical, mental and social development; and to create a partnership of parents and staff to accomplish these objectives in a Christian atmosphere.

Henry B. and Etta Stokes Day Care Center of Memorial Baptist Church is funded in part by Johnnie Lee Stewart Marks Day Care Endowment, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation.


Initial enrollment fee: $100 (due to hold spot, nonrefundable)

Annual Registration Fee: $60.00 (due August 1 of each year for all children)


Infant Room:  $185.00 per week; $801.05 per month
Waddlers & Toddlers Room:  $180.00 per week; $779.40 per month
Two’s/Toddlers Room:  $175.00 per week; $757.75 per month
Preschool/Pre-K:  $180.00 per week; $779.40 per month

     During the school year:  $70.00 per week; $303.10 per month
     Summer and weeks out of school:  $135.00 per week; $584.55 per month

General Information

  • 4 Star Licensed Childcare
  • 2 Fenced outdoor learning environments
  • Developmentally appropriate learning centers in each room
  • Daily activities include:
    • Music & Movement
    • Art (freedom of expression)
    • Language activities
    • Math and Science
    • Sand and Water
    • Gross Motor (physical play)
    • Fine Motor (manipulatives)
    • Teacher directed thematic units

We promote activities that encourage self-help skills and independence as well as focusing on opportunities to build self-esteem and positive social and emotional growth through interaction with both peers and teachers.

All staff is trained in CPR, First Aid, and SIDS prevention.